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 Clan Aplication

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PostSubject: Clan Aplication   Sun Mar 07, 2010 2:13 am

Name?: JackSpaN - real name Hilário
Lvl?: 75
Age?: 24
Do you have a microphone?: Yes
Can you use Ventrilo?: Yes
Can you speak English?: Yes
Can you use a Forum?: Yes
Where you are from?: Brazil
Why would you like to join us?: Because i looking for an active pk clan who has friendly members to have a good time with.
How long do you play a day on average?: I personally play around 4-5 hours on a weekday,
Do you consider yourself as an ACTIVE player? : Most definately.
Your past clans: Legacy, JackPot
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PostSubject: a   Sun Mar 07, 2010 2:16 am


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Clan Aplication
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